‘Twice’ is the latest effort from LA based The Sweet A.M…a blend of punk, country, americana and folk, it is honest, open, soulful and true, a great listen from start to finish. All song written by dee nichols between August, 2009-December 2013.  Produced by Mark Christian and dee nichols.  mixed by Bryan Carlstrom (Social Distortion, Alice in Chains), Sylvia Massy (Tom Petty, Johnny Cash)  Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Michael Romanowski Mastering, San Francisco, CA.

the people say….

by JLKISAOK – A lot of rock/alt rock/indie rock territories are explored in this second release from The Sweet A.M. You will find something that is original yet feels like an old friend with echos of the likes of Bob Mould’s Sugar, Social Distortion and even Dinosaur Jr.  Dee Nichols’ (the man behind The Sweet A.M.) voice finds a more solid foundation in this new collection of songs that exhibit strong songwriting skills and top notch production. If you appreciate music with an emotional depth and enough complexity to find something new in it each time you listen be sure to pick this one up.

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